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Apatar is the leading provider of open source software tools for the data integration market. Apatar brings data integration to the companies who previously found proprietary solutions expensive and difficult to implement. Apatar`s goal is to provide more than 100,000 users with its freely downloadable product by the end of 2007. Apatar provides support, training, and consulting services for its integration solutions.

Download Now

Don't have Apatar yet? Use the links below to get up and running fast.
Download the latest release of Apatar at sourceforge.net
Find the source files in the Subversion repository at svn.sourceforge.net
Upgrade your version of Apatar using patches.
Product demos are available here.
To learn how to install Apatar you can go to our Installation Quick-start Guide.


All you need to know about configuring and using Apatar.

User Guides

Apatar Quick Start Guide PDF (0.9MB)
Apatar Connector for SalesForce.com HTML PDF (0.8MB)
Apatar Connector for SugarCRM HTML PDF (0.5MB)

Release Notes

Apatar Release Notes HTML PDF (0.2MB)

Installation Guides

Apatar Installation Guide HTML PDF (0.6MB)

Administration Guides

Apatar Administration Guide HTML PDF (1.0MB)

Online Demos

Apatar Overview
Apatar Connector for SalesForce.com (Populating SalesForce.com)
Apatar Connector for SalesForce.com (Extracting Data from SalesForce.com)
Apatar Connector for SugarCRM
Apatar Installation

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