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Created the CurrentTimestamp function

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DataMap of the Month
Jul 30, 2008 - by Sergei - CSV file to Salesforce where one of the fields is split into several fields using RegExp function

This DataMap is designed to split one complex data field into four different fields using the RegExp function (Regular Expressions)....

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1119MSSQL to PostgreSQL
629Migrating Contacts from GoldMine to SalesForce.com
615SalesForce.com to MSSQL
526Extracting E-mails from SalesForce.com to .CSV File
495PostgreSQL to MySQL
410Migrating Contacts From SalesForce.com to SugarCRM
342SalesForce.com to MySQL
326MySQL to SugarCRM
325MS Excel File to RSS: Shopping List for My Wife
303MSSQL to SalesForce.com

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11/14 Aggregating RSS feed from Cnet,Google,Yahoo
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12/14 NRC Power Reactor Status
10/23 rssdss
09/03 Email Format Verification
08/03 RSS example

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Most popular connectors
  • MS SQL - 15
  • MySQL - 14
  • TextFile - 10
Most popular functions
  • Concatenate - 16
  • Is Not Null - 13
  • Contain - 13
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  • Generic JDBC - 12
  • SAP - 11
  • Google Maps - 9
Most wanted features
  • Creating data tables - 15
  • Database and tables replication - 15
  • Working with linked tables - 12

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