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MS Excel to SFDC in update mode (Business Productivity)
This datamap will help you to update only required records without creating new records. (as per user request http://www.apatarforge.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=552&start=0)
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about 10 years ago
Comments: 78Downloads: 120
Views: 7614
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vTiger CRM Contacts to SFDC contacts (Business Productivity)
This datamap allows you to integrate your Contacts data from vTiger CRM to Salesforce.com (specific mapping may be required)
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about 10 years ago
Comments: 95Downloads: 49
Views: 7991
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Join by LongText fields or fields with different data types ()
Apatar can?t join data by LongText field values. If you need to join by LongText values or if the fields you are using to join data have different data types, use Transforms between your data sources and Join operation. In Transform go to Edit Output (at the top left-hand corner), click Add from Inputs and change the type of Id field to Text (if you have LongText fields in both tables) or Numeric like in the example if one of the data sources fields is a numeric field. Then go back to Tranform's work area and map the fields.
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about 8 years ago
Comments: 101Downloads: 94
Views: 20057
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