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Replacing a part of a field value       >>

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DataMap Description:

You can use this datamap when you need to replace a definite part of one fields value with the value of another field. For example, you have records like:

Field1     Field2
123n&asd     qwerty
adfk&ndr     asdfg
87df&wer     zxcvb

and you need to replace eveything you have before & in Field1 with the valuesfrom Field2. The resulting records will be qwerty&asd, asdfg&ndr, and zxcvb&wer.

If needed you can replace part of Field1 value with a PART of Field2 value by mapping RegExp function to Field2 and entering a proper regular expression to it. Some examples of regular expressions can be found at http://www.apatarforge.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=877#877

Updated: about 10 years ago

Created By: Ludmila Radzevich (Ludmila)

File Size: 10.84 Kb

Views: 35847

Downloads: 110

Tags: Custom Table, RegExp

Rating: stars/4.gifTotal Votes:1

Note: Try It/Edit DataMap requires Apatar Data Mashup installation

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