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DataMap Description: You can use this datamap, if you need to save attachments from your incoming emails to a folder on your PC. As you can't attach folders to emails you are sure that the attachments are all files so you map a Boolean Constant to the File System isFolder field and leave 'value' unchecked (like in this datamap). You also need to map a Text Constant concatenated with AttachFileName_0 field. In the Text Constant you need to specify where the attachments should be written to. For example, if in FileSystem connector you selected C:\Documents and Settings\ludmilar\Desktop\test folder and you want to write your files into this 'test' folder, Text Constant should be empty. But if there's a folder (let's say 'New Folder') in your 'test' folder and you want to write your attachments into this 'New Folder', then you should enter /New Folder to the Text Constant. If you have more then 1 attachment in your emails then you will need to create a separate transformation for each attachment.

Updated: about 10 years ago

Created By: Ludmila Radzevich (Ludmila)

File Size: 21.38 Kb

Views: 8686

Downloads: 103

Tags: Email, FileSystem

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Note: Try It/Edit DataMap requires Apatar Data Mashup installation

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