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Salesforce.com to SugarCRM (Using SOQL queries to filter records)       >>

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DataMap Description: This datamap will help you learn how to use SOQL queries within the connector for Salesforce CRM in order to filter records that were modified, for example, today and update/upsert the required information in the data target, in this case it is SugarCRM. (Custom SOQL queries may be created for a custom use case.)

Updated: about 10 years ago

Created By: Sergei (Sergei)

File Size: 43.56 Kb

Views: 16589

Downloads: 105

Tags: SalesForce.com, SOQL, SugarCRM

Rating: stars/5.gifTotal Votes:3

Note: Try It/Edit DataMap requires Apatar Data Mashup installation

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