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CSV file to Salesforce where one of the fields is split into several fields using RegExp function       >>

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DataMap Description: Here one of the fields has the following format: New York#NY#USA#Wall Str. By using RegExp function we can split this field into 4 different fields. If you have numeric format of the filed like with regards to user request (http://www.apatarforge.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=452&start=0) you should insert the following RegExps: 1. ([\d]+)#.* 2. [\d]+#([\d]+)#.* 3. [\d]+#[\d]+#([\d]+)

Updated: about 10 years ago

Created By: Sergei (Sergei)

File Size: 40.38 Kb

Views: 35609

Downloads: 189

Tags: .CSV, RegExp, SalesForce.com, TextFile

Rating: stars/5.gifTotal Votes:1

Note: Try It/Edit DataMap requires Apatar Data Mashup installation

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