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Practical Analysis: Choosing SaaS Apps Is IT's Work
December 17, 2010
InformationWeek - December 17, 2010 ... other important aspects, like how user authentication will work and whether the necessary hooks are there for data integration with other applications.
November 29, 2010
Scientist Live - November 29, 2010
The QIAsymphony RGQ system comprises the physical and data integration of the modules QIAsymphony SP for sample preparation, QIAsymphony AS for assay setup,
How Healthcare Data Helps Caregivers
November 19, 2010
InformationWeek - November 19, 2010 They have the budgets for the considerable up-front investment in data warehouses, data marts, and data integration tools needed to build the information
iEnterprises Releases Mobile Edge Version 5 Enhancements Bring Greater Multi
November 09, 2010
Live-PR.com (press release) - November 9, 2010 Advanced Voice and CRM Data Integration: Phone calls to contacts can be automatically logged into the smartphone user's corporate CRM system upon a call
Clean Up That Web Mess!
November 05, 2010
InformationWeek - November 5, 2010 That keeps IT out of the loop from the obvious standpoint of information security, but there's also often no consideration of data integration needs or
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