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Education Data: Privacy Backlash Begins
April 26, 2013
InformationWeek - April 26, 2013 Haimson and others worry inBloom and other efforts using student data -- such as the Ed-Fi Alliance, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation-funded education data integration initiative -- may ultimately feed sensitive, personally identifiable information to
Real-time Hadoop analytics: ScaleOut turns on in-memory tech
April 16, 2013
ZDNet - April 16, 2013 Toby Wolpe. By Toby Wolpe | April 16, 2013 -- 09:47 GMT (02:47 PDT). ScaleOut Software says its new in-memory processing middleware addresses a gap in Hadoop's capabilities by bringing real-time analytics to the open-source distributed computing software. ... According to ScaleOut CEO Bill Bain, with hServer, the analytics capability — the MapReduce algorithm — is used not just to analyse the data but also to update that data in parallel. "This is an important new capability that the traditional analytics
IT Salary Survey 2013: 11 Career Insights
April 15, 2013
InformationWeek - April 15, 2013 Staffers focused on enterprise application integration earn a median $110,000, those in general IT earn $73,000 and those on the help desk earn $55,000. A few staff specialties such as cloud computing ($130,000), Web security .... The pay premiums are much higher in the data integration/warehousing category, with median total compensation of $109,000 for staff (a 21% premium over typical staffer pay) and $130,000 for managers (an 8% premium). As my colleague Doug Henschen writes in his in-depth
Hope Battles Fear Over Student Data Integration
March 26, 2013
InformationWeek - March 26, 2013 I don't mean to be dismissive of fears that education data gathered together in a big national pool could be misused, or hacked or leaked in some inappropriate way, but I do hate to see the downside expressed with little understanding of the potential upside. The fractured and disorganized state ... One reason for confusion: inBloom's stated goal is to play a middleware role in education application integration, with benefits that are understandably obscure to the average PTA mom. Frankly, when I attended the first in a
Is Your Data Big Enough For Big Data?
March 12, 2013
InformationWeek - March 12, 2013 "If I have large volumes of data that are transactional or structured in nature, that's a use case for traditional data warehousing," Gallo said in a phone interview with InformationWeek. [ Want more intel on whether big data is right for you? See Big Data: Hype
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