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Hope Battles Fear Over Student Data Integration
InformationWeek - March 26, 2013 I don't mean to be dismissive of fears that education data gathered together in a big national pool could be misused, or hacked or leaked in some inappropriate way, but I do hate to see the downside expressed with little understanding of the potential upside. The fractured and disorganized state ... One reason for confusion: inBloom's stated goal is to play a middleware role in education application integration, with benefits that are understandably obscure to the average PTA mom. Frankly, when I attended the first in a
Is Your Data Big Enough For Big Data?
InformationWeek - March 12, 2013 "If I have large volumes of data that are transactional or structured in nature, that's a use case for traditional data warehousing," Gallo said in a phone interview with InformationWeek. [ Want more intel on whether big data is right for you? See Big Data: Hype
Microsoft Goes After 3 Big Data Myths
InformationWeek - March 11, 2013 Microsoft also recently announced the availability of SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW), its massively parallel processing data warehousing appliance built for Hadoop integration. Which brings us to the big data adoption myths: What are they,
New Technologies Require New Organizational Approaches
InformationWeek - March 11, 2013 Big data. There are two key aspects of this technology wave: the data (and traditional analytic uses) and real-time data "decisioning," similar to IBM's Watson. You can handle the data analytics as an extension of your traditional data warehousing (though on
Big Data is Here–Now the Real Work Begins
Wall Street Journal (blog) - March 6, 2013
Accenture Managing Director Jeanne Harris says she's waited her entire career–since the late 1970s–for technology that allows companies to store, access and manipulate enormous amounts of data in a way that can truly change how business gets done. That day appears to be here. Using the latest storage, ... They've been burned in the past by startups and by hot new technology–remember data warehousing in the 1990s–that didn't deliver as promised. They're impatient with the jargon and acronyms that the
Sebi probes large-scale 'pump-and-dump' of stocks
NDTV - February 18, 2013 The surge in these manipulative activities, known as 'pump-and-dump' in market parlance as they involve a sudden sale of shares after creating huge volumes with significant buying activities, has been noticed by Sebi's Data Warehousing and Business
Data Services Verticalization in 2013
Information Management (blog) - January 22, 2013 Topics. Data Architecture · Data Management · Data Modeling · Data Quality · Data Warehousing · Enterprise Information Management · Unstructured Data/Content Management ..... Data Integration · ETL to ELT Conversion Testing in Data Warehouse Engagements · Opening Our Eyes in the Era of Big Data · Moving to SaaS? Five Considerations for Your Application Integration Strategy · IT Grabs More from Declining Health Care Budgets
Data Management Has Been "Carrying" The Application Market
Dr. Dobb's - January 7, 2013 RDBMS technologies are so fundamentally important to the programming landscape right now (argues IDC) because they necessitate the coexistence (and therefore the onward development of) data integration and access software. These application types
Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), an Amazon.com company has announced
TelecomTiger - December 23, 2012
With large amounts of direct attached storage per instance, these High Storage instances are ideal for data-intensive applications including Hadoop workloads, log processing and data warehousing, and parallel file systems to process and analyze large data
Almost 1.7 Million Cloud-Related Jobs Went Unfilled in 2012: Estimate
Forbes - December 21, 2012
Director, Private Cloud Data Center: “Lead and fulfill strategic initiatives by working with the various in-house and external consultants, facilities operation personnel, clients, and management. ... Required skills: “BA/BS degree in computer science or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience, must have at least one year of experience using cloud services or virtualized platform services in the delivery of infrastructure services, must have experience in managing middleware platforms.”
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