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Red Hat Pushes to Expand JBoss Middleware in the Enterprise
CIO.com - Middleware/EAI

The effort is aimed at convincing businesses that the enterprise middleware product is secure and reliable.235148827

Unstructured data: a challenge for IT decision-makers
A blog on data integration, business intelligence and commercial open source

Unstructured Data Growth DriversFound a great post by Paul Weinberg observing a recent survey report by Taneja Group, storage and server industry analysts. They surveyed 238 IT decision-makers in North America and Great Britain around different industries. To give you an idea about the audience, I’d quote that “53 percent of users had 11 terabytes or more of unstructured data in their environments”.

So, what’s the state of corporate information in today’s enterprises? 62 percent of the respondents reported that the unstructured data within their companies was growing between 16 and 75 percent per year. Despite the fact that the dispersion in this result is definitely too wide, this seems to be true.

Taneja discovered that the major drivers for unstructured data growth among survey respondents are Microsoft Office (78 percent), e-mail attachments (66 percent), and backup and archival (81 percent combined).

As you can see, enterprises are still sufering from files disintegration. For them, it is still a challenge to manage e-mail attachments and MS Excel spreadsheets as a part of one-view structure or SOA.

Furthermore, Steve Norall, senior analyst at the Taneja Group, is inclined to think that people are not going to move all of the data into a single storage space. Why?.. Due to huge expenses. (Yep, yep, the open source middleware is a Joker here.) So, he predicts that file management and integration companies will benefit from this and “should prosper”.

Finally, the majority of respondents expected their file management and control budgets would grow by up to 20 percent in the next 12 months […]

This means the problem is really a headache and the executives are ready to pay for a solution. Besides the adoption of open source data integration and file management software, I expect that any related services are going to be on...

Open Source Globalization Goes On
A blog on data integration, business intelligence and commercial open source

Have you heard the news of the day? Sun Microsystems acquires MySQL. The two open source monsters are converging to deliver services and evolve together. “Being part of Sun will give MySQL more resources for everything from development, support, services, sales and marketing,” Zack Urlocker, Executive Vice President of Products at MySQL, said.

This acquision will surely accelerate the further adoption of MySQL and strengthen Sun’s credibility as an open source leader. Community members are already wondering, who will by Sun afterwards. =) Oracle? Or maybe Google?

I’m personally interested to know if the guys are planning to offer any new technology solutions for Java platform and MySQL database. Another question is how will the deal change the communities. Though Zack claims that for Sun “it is a part of an overall strategy to change the world”, it would be interesting to know WHAT actually is going to be changed.

Any predictions or thoughts?


SUN Microsystems Acquires MySQL


Oracle Gets BEA: Coping Tips for Both Customer Camps
CIO.com - Middleware/EAI

With the deal done, BEA customers contemplate their fate. Which camp made out better, and what should CIOs and IT managers be doing to prepare for the new era of middleware?217828865

Oracle to Buy BEA Systems for $8.5 billion
CIO.com - ERP

Oracle hopes that acquiring middleware vendor BEA will allow it to improve its own middleware suite, Fusion.217657665

Step-by-step: Integrating SalesForce.com with on-premises databases and applications
A blog on data integration, business intelligence and commercial open source

Dear fellows, inviting you to read the technical article I’ve written for TechRepublic. Complete with diagrams, this how-to guide covers 5 steps necessary for building an integration with Salesforce.com.

“If you’re considering or currently administering a SalesForce.com account, this article may help you explore how to integrate your CRM data between SalesForce.com and in-house databases, flat files, and legacy applications. Here’s a deep look at how to get the job done without having to study SalesForce.com APIs and writing, debugging, and maintaining custom code.”

Read the full article at http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/datacenter/?p=265

Integration with Salesforce.com

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