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961MSSQL to PostgreSQL
570SalesForce.com to MSSQL
545Migrating Contacts from GoldMine to SalesForce.com
475PostgreSQL to MySQL
326Extracting E-mails from SalesForce.com to .CSV File
321SalesForce.com to MySQL
291Migrating Contacts From SalesForce.com to SugarCRM
274MS Excel File to RSS: Shopping List for My Wife
273Using HTTP queries with Apatar
260MSSQL to SalesForce.com
250.CSV to Custom Table
248E-mail Verification (SFDC to .CSV)
246Convert cents to dollars
241MySQL to SugarCRM
232File System to FTP
227CSV to Salesforce Account table
225Salesforce-MySQL synchronization
220.CSV to MySQL
212MSSQL to SugarCRM
202Text File to SugarCRM
188CSV file to Salesforce where one of the fields is split into several fields using RegExp function
187Converting phone format
183Salesforce to MS Excel
172MS Excel to SugarCRM
167MySQL to SalesForce.com
165FTP to File System
154MS Excel to MySQL
153Migrating Contacts from .CSV to SalesForce.com
151Text File to MSSQL
148MS Access to Salesforce.com
147vTiger CRM to Salesforce
144Get XML as a result
140MS Excel 2 SFDC
140Join 2 .txt files
136Custom Table to SugarCRM
132.CSV to MS Excel
131Sending E-mails from Apatar
131Replace values with conditions
129MS Excel to Salesforce.com
128Splitting records into two destination tables
125Salesforce to SugarCRM
124Text File to Oracle
123Custom Table to Salesforce.com
120MS Excel to SFDC in update mode
119MS Excel to XML
115Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Times to .CSV File
114eBay Cars Search Results to .CSV File
112MSSQL Data to Text File
112MS Access to SugarCRM
111Oracle Data to Text File
111MS Access to MySQL
109SugarCRM Data to Text File
109Replacing a part of a field value
108.TXT to Custom Table
108MySQL to XML
107US Address Verification
105Salesforce.com to SugarCRM (Using SOQL queries to filter records)
104MS Excel to MS SQL
103Email attachment to File System
101SugarCRM contacts table to MS Excel
100Custom Table to XML
98Email body (web form) to Salesforce.com
97MSSQL to Oracle
96SalesForce.com to Oracle
96Email Format Verification
95Migrating Data From SugarCRM to SalesForce.com
95MySQL Data to Text Files
95.CSV to MS Access
94Aggregating RSS Feeds from CNET, Google and Yahoo! News
91From MySql and SugarCRM to Rss
89Oracle to SalesForce.com
87MySQL to PostgreSQL
84Regexp example
83Yahoo News RSS
78Oracle to MSSQL
78SugarCRM to MySQL
78.CSV to E-mail
74SugarCRM to MSSQL
73Aggregate RSS feed from CNET, Google and Yahoo! News
73E-mail to SugarCRM
73.TXT to E-mail
73.CSV to Oracle
72Uploading Pictures from FTP to Flickr.com
72Remove a part of number from a particular position
71MySQL to Oracle
71PostgreSQL to MSSQL
70DBase to SugarCRM
69Oracle to MySQL
69MS Access to MS Excel
68.TXT to MySQL
67DBase to Salesforce.com
66.CSV to PostgreSQL
66Join 2 custom tables
66CDYNE Death Index (sample)
66String to Timestamp conversion
65MS Excel to MS Access
64Text File to PostgreSQL
63.TXT to MS Excel
61Latest Apatar DataMap Descriptions to .TXT File
61SFDC Account and Opportunities to MySQL
61Custom Table to MS Excel
60MS Excel to .CSV
60E-mail to MS Excel
59Yahoo! Stock Markets News (RSS) to .CSV File
59MS Access to .CSV
59MS Excel to Custom Table
58Phone Numbers Verification with CDYNE
57Yahoo! Top Stories to .TXT File
57MySQL to .CSV
57Join by LongText fields or fields with different data types
56MS Access to MS SQL
55Custom Table to MySQL
54Split field year
54Aggrated news from Yahoo,CNET and Google
52E-mail to .CSV
52Get response number with help of RegExp function
52Add leading zero
51Oracle to PostgreSQL
50Amazon S3: Put Object from Stream [Upload Folder]
50MS Excel to Oracle
50MySQL to MS Excel
50Oracle to MS Excel
50Summary of values
49Today Most Viewed YouTube Video to .CSV File
49vTiger CRM Contacts to SFDC contacts
48DBase to XML
46E-mail to Custom Table
46.CSV to DBase
46MS Access to XML
46E-mail to .TXT
45Salesforce Contacts
45MS Excel to E-mail
44CNET Business Tech RSS Feeds to .CSV File
44Customer Sample
44Custom Table to MS SQL
44MS Excel to PostgreSQL
43Apatar News Search RSS via Google News
43E-mail to MySQL
42SalesForce.com Data to PostgreSQL
42RSS to MS Access
42E-mail to Salesforce.com
41E-mail to MS SQL
41Getting the string between first and last space
40Ski hotels
40MS Access to .TXT
40Oracle to XML
40Socio-economic Makeup with CDYNE Demographics
40.CSV to DB2
40Bugzilla-Bug Transfer
39Amazon S3: Delete Bucket
39Amazon S3 to File System
38Yahoo! Real Estate Industry RSS to .CSV File
37Yahoo! Personal Finance News (RSS) to .CSV File
36PostgreSQL Data to Text File
36.TXT to MS Access
35eBay Real Estate Search Results RSS to .CSV File
35MS Excel to .TXT
35MySQL to RSS
35SFDC Case transfer to Bugzilla
34CNET Business Tech RSS Feeds to .TXT File
34YouTube Favorites to .CSV File
34Custom Table to Oracle
34DB2 to MySQL
33Aggregating Business, Technology and Sports News
33Custom Table to .TXT
32MS Excel data via StrikeIron Email Verification
32MS SQL to Custom Table
32MySQL to Custom Table
31CNET News.com RSS Feeds to Text File
31PostgreSQL to Oracle
31.TXT to DBase
31MS Access to Custom Table
30Oracle to SugarCRM
30Customers from MySQL and SugarCRM to RSS
30FTP to E-mail
30PostgreSQL to XML
30.TXT to DB2
29File System to WebDAV
29DBase data via StrikeIron US Address Verification
29Custom Table to .CSV
29MySQL to MS Access
29Filtering RSS Feeds
29Aggregate CEN, NYTimes and CNET
29RSS to custom table
28SugarCRM to PostgreSQL
28E-mail to XML
28Flickr to File System
28PostgreSQL to .CSV file
27MS Access to PostgreSQL
27Amazon S3 to FTP
27MySQL to E-mail
27DB2 to .TXT file
26Your Flickr Pictures Info to TextFile
26MS Access to E-mail
26RSS to MS Excel
26MS Access to StrikeIron US Address Verification
25Amazon S3: Put Bucket
25Multiple RSS
25MS Access to Oracle
25E-mail to MS Access
24Uploading Pictures from your File System to Flickr.com
24Buzzsaw to your File System
24Sybase Data to Text File
24Sybase to MSSQL
24Yahoo! RSS & Blogging News (RSS Feeds) to .CSV File
24YouTube Top Rated to .CSV File
24Amazon S3: Read Object
24DBase to E-mail
24DBase to MS Excel
24Oracle to MS Access
24DB2 to Salesforce.com
23Sybase to Oracle
23CNET Digital Life RSS Feeds to .CSV File
23Yahoo! Gambling Industry RSS Feeds to .CSV File
23CNET Business Tech News RSS
23DBase to MS Access
23RSS feeds via E-mail
23Amazon S3 to Buzzsaw
23Aggrated news from Yahoo,CNET and Google
22Custom Table to MS Access
22WebDAV to FTP
22PostgreSQL to MS Excel
21Amazon S3: Delete Object
21Aggregate RSS feed from CNET, Google and Yahoo! News
21RSS to MySQL Table
20Buzzsaw to FTP
20SugarCRM to Oracle
20eBay Sports Search Results to .CSV File
20Amazon S3: Get Bucket
20DBase to MS SQL
20Custom Table to PostgreSQL
20aggregating cnn, bbc and google
19Buzzsaw to WebDAV
19Oracle to Sybase
19Yahoo! News Top Stories RSS
19DBase to Oracle
19DBase to .CSV
18The New York Times RSS
18E-mail to Oracle
18File System to Amazon S3
18File System to Flickr
18FTP to Amazon S3
18Oracle to .CSV
17Yahoo! Business News to .TXT File
17Text File to Sybase
17Amazon S3: Put Object from a File
17DB2 to MS SQL
17DB2 to SugarCRM
16Uploading Pictures from Buzzsaw to Flickr.com
16PostgreSQL to SugarCRM
16Sybase to SalesForce.com
16XML/RSS to Buzzsaw
16CNET Digital Life RSS Feeds to .TXT File
16CNET Media 2.0 RSS Feeds to .CSV File
16Aggregation RSS Feed yahoo,abcNews, kleineZeitung
16Oracle to Custom Table
15Sybase to SugarCRM
15PostgreSQL to SalesForce.com
15Yahoo! Linux/Open Source News to .CSV File
15BBC News - News Front Page - UK Edition
15MySQL to DBase
15Oracle to E-mail
15DB2 to Oracle
14Uploading Pictures from WebDav to Flickr.com
14FTP to WebDAV
14Sybase to PostgreSQL
14Yahoo! Technology Top Stories (RSS Feeds) to .CSV File
14Amazon S3 to E-mail
14Amazon S3 to Flickr
14WebDAV to File System
14Socio-economic Makeup with CDYNE Demographics on Validated Addresses
14DB2 to Custom Table
14DB2 to MS Excel
14DB2 to .CSV
14noticias empresa
13FTP to Buzzsaw
13MSSQL to Sybase
13Wired News RSS
13Aggregating RSS Feeds from Economist, Tut.by, BBC World News & Al Jazeera
13Test Buzzsaw Datamap
13RSS to Custom Table
13MS Excel to DBase
13MySQL to StrikeIron Email Verification
13PostgreSQL to Custom Table
13Aggregation RSS feeds from Ermias, Google and yahoo
13Currency Feed
12Yahoo! Business Top Stories (RSS) to .CSV File
12The New York Times > Business News RSS
12Aggregated News From CNET Business Tech, New York Times, and Google News
12DBase to Custom Table
12DBase to StrikeIron Email Verification
12Oracle to DBase
12DB2 to MS Access
12DB2 to PostgreSQL
12Aggregating RSS Test
12RSS example
11MySQL to Sybase
11SalesForce.com to Sybase
11Yahoo! Sports News to .CSV File
11CNET News.com (main RSS feed)
11NYT > Technology News RSS
11MacCentral RSS
11Cheap Flights
10WebDAV to Buzzsaw
10File System to Buzzsaw
10PostgreSQL to Sybase
10Apatar News Search RSS via Yahoo! News
10DBase to .TXT
10MS Access to SyBASE
10E-mail to PostgreSQL
10Buzzsaw files to E-mail
10MySQL to StrikeIron US Address Verification
10PostgreSQL to E-mail
10PostgreSQL to MS Access
9Computerworld Breaking News RSS
9Buzzsaw File Info to RSS at ApatarForge
9Buzzsaw to FTP
9E-mail to DB2
9Shopping List
9Aggregating RSS feeds from CNET, Google, yahoo
8CNET Media 2.0 RSS Feeds to .TXT File
8washingtonpost.com - Business News RSS
8Phil Windley's Technometria RSS
8E-mail to DBase
8MS Access to DBase
8Flickr to Buzzsaw
8Oracle to StrikeIron Email Verification
8Oracle to StrikeIron US Address Verification
8PostgreSQL to StrikeIron Email Verification
8Table from MySQL
7SugarCRM to Sybase
7washingtonpost.com - Technology RSS
7InfoWorld: Top News RSS
7Computerworld News RSS
7Quotes of the Day RSS
7Hack the Planet RSS
7NYT > Science News RSS
7Amazon S3 to WebDav
7FTP to Flickr
7PostgreSQL to DBase
7DB2 to DBase
7DB2 to SyBASE
7cl test feed
6Test Title
6Scripting News
6The New York Times > Sports News RSS
6Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger RSS
6BBC News RSS - Technology - UK Edition
6Guardian Unlimited RSS
6RSS to DBase
6Custom Table to SyBASE
6MS Excel to SyBASE
6Flickr to Amazon S3
6Flickr to WebDav
6RSS from insomnia & myphone
6Table from MySQL
6My aggreate example
6Aggregating RSS feed from Cnet,Google,Yahoo
5DBase to SyBASE
5E-mail to SyBASE
5Buzzsaw to Amazon S3
5Buzzsaw to WebDav
5WebDAV to Amazon S3
5WebDAV to E-mail
5WebDAV to Flickr
5PostgreSQL to StrikeIron US Address Verification
5Agreg BBG
5Scenario 2
5Test Feed
5Test Feed
4Slashdot RSS
4RSS to DB2
4RSS Example
3washingtonpost.com - Politics News RSS
3Digital Photography Review RSS
3The Macintosh News Network
3cl test feed
3NRC Power Reactor Status
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